Intarsia Chart Design Form for Machine Knitting

Use this form to upload a png formatted image and convert it into an intarsia chart for knitting.

Pattern Name:
Gauge: stitches in 4 inches or 10 centimeters
Gauge: rows in 4 inches or 10 centimeters
Desired width of design in stitches:
Image File (paletted png format):
Press the generate button to see your intarsia chart.

Once you hit the generate button you will see row by row instructions for you intarsia pattern. Here's a sample line:

Row Count 20-35: L60--( Color 1 )--L22--( Color 2 )--R38--( Color 3 )--R60

This means that for rows 20 through 35 you lay in color one on needles L60 through L21, color two on needles L22 through R37, and color three on needles R38 through R60.

Remember, intarsia works best if you don't have too many color changes in a row. Think blocks of color when designing your image.

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