Pattern Generators

These pattern generators will assist you with pattern drafting.


  • Knowledge of garment construction including knowing when to do increasing, decreasing and short-rowing.
  • Basic knowledge of pattern drafting including sleeve cap design and adding appropriate ease.

The generated pattern simply shows you which needles are in work for each row. If you have experience knitting garments, this should be enough to get you going. If you need more detailed instructions, these pattern generators are not for you.

On the first page you will enter your body measurements, gauge, and style information. The next page will show you a default pattern. These pattern peices are designed without the trims and so if you plan to add ribbing, please be sure to allow for it in your design. For example you may want to make the front and back pieces of your sweater two inches shorter than the finsished length.

Do not take the default pattern as a recommendation. It is just a starting point. You will tweak the garment measurements to get the exact look you want. Press the update buttons frequently to see how changes in your measurements affect the design. Also take note of the sleeve cap length. You will want it to be at least 100% of the armhole.

When you are satisifed with the design. Press the generate button. You will next see the pattern. Print it out and then knit it up.

Pull-Over Generator

Cardigan Generator

Poncho Generator

Yarn Estimator
Yarn Estimator

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