Jenny's Knit-O-Matic

This site is dedicated to providing machine and hand knitters with utilities to make knitting easier and more creative.

Knitter's Graph Paper Generator: Create graph paper to match your guage exactly. Incorporate a picture if you like.

Auto-Sloper: Create a two-dimensional representation of your body. Great for designing sweaters.

Pattern Generators: Design your own pull-over, cardigan, or poncho. (Pull-over and cardigan are for machine knitters; poncho for both machine and hand knitters.

Jacquard Punch Card Generator: Design your own punch card pattern which you can print for future reference. If you want you can even save the HTML from the generated page and add it to your own website. (For machine knitters)

Intarsia Chart Generator: Create detailed row by row instructions for an intarsia pattern based on an image you upload. Only paletted PNG images are supported. Use your favorite graphics software to convert your image before uploading. (For machine knitters)

Passap Card Reader Technique Generator: Create your own knit techniques that can be programmed in to your E6000 using the card reader. Recommended for experienced Passap knitters only. (For PASSAP E6000 machine knitters)

How To Download Passap Card Reader Techniques: It is possible to download card reader knit techniques into your Passap console in much the same manner that stitch patterns may be downloaded. Warning: this article is rather technical. (For PASSAP E6000 machine knitters)

Brother Knitting Machine Manuals: Download knitting machines manuals from the Brother FTP site. (For Brother machine knitters)

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